Workshops and Retreats

Unique Self Emergence Workshop

This 2-day workshop introduces the Unique Self Emergence Process by engaging participants in a series of psycho-spiritual practices, offering a clear and embodied experience for the developmental journey toward Unique Self consciousness. Contact me for info on the next workshop offered in English. For the French version of this same workshop read more here.

Core Energetic Process Group – Year Long

Because a group always recreates a microcosm of your own environment and personal history, it offers a dynamic that cannot happen in individual work.

Participating in a Core Energetics ongoing group provides a unique opportunity to gain awareness of your interpersonal defensive patterns as they emerge in the moment, and to experiment with more authentic behaviors.

We begin each session with guided body centering and grounding exercises. Then one group member volunteers to step in with a topic and the process starts. I act as a facilitator and as a guide through the person’s process, however, the whole group is involved too, as each person goes through their own reaction, resonance with the unfolding process, which they are invited to bring forth. Role plays, deep interpersonal interaction with other group members, moving energy through physical modalities are just a few examples of what can happen during a process.

Group work allows for deep interpersonal connection and transformation as participants learn to grow together, not only from their own work but from each other.


Unique Self Emergence

Through Unique Self Emergence we offer a transformational and a facilitator training. The transformational program is designed to activate one’s Unique Self Emergence using the power of a group and of a tight container. The facilitator program is a certification program designed for change agents who wish to utilize the Unique Self Emergence process with individuals and groups in variety of contexts.

Outrageous Love Festival

Every summer, we offer a week long retreat called “The Outrageous Love Festival” in Holland. These retreats are the “dharma labs” where we come together as a community and we practice “being lived as Love”. With Dr. Marc Gafni as our keynote teacher and our international panel of workshop facilitators, the Outrageous Love Festival  is a unique Experience that has changed many people’s lives over the past eight years.

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