I am the co-creator and co-founder of the Unique Self Emergence Process, a deep integration of 21st century psychology and ageless wisdom, and a simple, elegant, and profoundly powerful framework for the entire journey of human development, based on the seminal work of Dr. Marc Gafni on Unique Self evolutionary spirituality.

I offer one-on-one sessions, workshops, and retreats

Working with me One-on-One:


The Unique Self Emergence framework

The Unique Self Emergence framework is the culmination of my life’s work investigating the intersection of psychology, energetic healing and spiritual transformation. This framework informs all the work I do. At the same time, I adapt to each person’s unique needs and I draw from the totality of my life experience and training to respond to whatever is emerging in the moment.

My 25 combined years of work as an acupuncturist, as an Integral Coach, and more recently, as a Core Energetics therapist, give me a unique understanding of how the body, mind, and spirit work together as a whole.

During our work together you can expect to go through a process of clarification and deep exploration of who you are and who you are not. We will tap into the deepest aspects of your life to reveal your unique potential and facilitate your emergence as your Unique Self.

In essence, you will:

  • Learn how to recognize the ingrained energetic, emotional and mental patterns that limit you.
  • Become more able to un-grip yourself from these old patterns.
  • Deepen your capacity to rest into Being and Source, your True Self.
  • Develop your ability to access your unique essence and life force.
  • Activate your unique gifts and life purpose.

The best way for us to evaluate how we might work together is to book a free 30 min consult with me. We’ll discuss what is emergent for you and see if we’re a good fit.

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Core Energetics: an evolutionary somatic modality bridging body psychotherapy and Spirituality.

As we go through the natural process of individuation and development, the environment and the relationships we grow into will inevitably require certain adaptations in order for us to survive them.

Over time, these adaptations turn into a defense mechanism which literally shapes our body and informs the lens through which we interact with Reality. The defenses we once built to protect ourselves become the jail in which we live.

Core Energetics is a powerful and physical work which allows to break through these long-held defenses – not just by talking them away, but by opening these somatic and emotional blocks through an integrative approach that unifies mind, body, emotions, sexuality and Spirit.

As we open these blocks, our life force (Eros) is liberated and we become more grounded and present to “What is”. We become more able to experience the free flow of Eros within us as a continuous open exchange with the universal energy field.

Core Energetics is based on three tenets:

  1. Each person is a psychosomatic unity.
  2. The source of healing lies within.
  3. All of life moves toward and is a part of creative evolution, aka Love, intelligence, Goddess, Eros, known by many names.

Through Core Energetics you will:

  • Develop an awareness of your defensive armouring and defense mechanism that keep you trapped in certain behavioral and emotional patterns.
  • Liberate the emotional and somatic blocks that bind your Life Force and keep you from accessing and expressing yourself freely.
  • Access more choice and freedom of expression as the free flow of Eros is restored in your body.
  • Experience your interconnectedness with “All that is” and become more confident and connected to your unique gifts and expression.

When we experience our interconnectedness with “All that is”, we become more able to access our Unique Essence. From this place, it becomes possible to deploy and to give our gifts more freely as our Unique Self.

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