One On One

Working with Claire has been a very nourishing experience. Her clear alignment with Essence and practical down-to-earth attitude made it a joy and a privilege to work with her. Her unique combination of warm radiance and beauty made me feel profoundly welcome and acknowledged every moment of our work together.

Simone Van Dijk


Claire came to me at a time in my life when I had run out of the ability to evolve on my own. I was truly stuck, and if I hadn’t encountered her I would have continued to tread along in circles, bypassing my body and my needs. She compassionately guided me into my embodiment that I had honestly never consciously known before. She was able to tune into my awareness to know just the right response, practice, or question at the right time. And even more importantly, she was able to constantly surrender to a larger process that felt almost like there was a magical hand guiding it all. I’m so grateful to Claire and I feel privileged to have had such a rare opportunity to receive coaching from an excellent coach.

David Cicerchi

US, Project coordinator One Sky Canadian Institute of Sustainable Living

Thank you Claire for our work together. It has been a year of awakening, realizations, transformation and growth and I will always be in gratitude to you for these openings. I have softened, spoken up, released the grip of my false self contraction, felt into my heart, heard my unique self voice, embodied compassion for myself and for others and touched love. I know there is so much more to travel on this journey, and I thank you from my heart for your great offering, guidance and support.

Anna Freedman

UK, London, Nutritionist coach

Claire is a wonderful coach who has helped me to make some important changes in my life. Claire is wise, gentle and understanding. She has knowledge of so many fields next to coaching such as health, mindfulness and spirituality which add so much depth to her coaching. Through our work together, I have been able to make sustainable positive life changes.

Amie van Woudenberg


Claire’s natural warmth and gentleness, along with her strong presence created the ideal space for me while going through a major work transition. At this point in my career as a psychiatrist, I was feeling bored and I needed to explore new ways of expressing myself through my work. Thanks to Claire’s tremendous support, I was able to open my mind to new perspectives that have allowed me to instill a new creative breath into my work. As a result, I am now embracing new challenges with much more ease.

Virginia Buki

USA, Florida, Psychiatrist

Claire is an extraordinary coach. She has a kind heart, powerful intuition and clear conscious presence, which allowed the most profound insights and wisdom to emerge during our sessions. Claire was able to guide deep, deep conversations to wherever we needed to go. I was constantly amazed by the magic, mystery and elegance of Claire’s coaching. She helped germinate some wonderful seeds of transformation in me. I will be forever grateful.

Ruth Beck

Canada, British Columbia, Program Manager

Working with Groups

I would highly recommend Claire as both a coach and a trainer. The niche of Spiritual coaching is a very popular one in our school, and I think that is in part due to the quality of the trainers and facilitators we have delivering our classes. Claire brought a deep understanding and “lived” understanding of both spirituality and coaching to her role as trainer at ICA. I am more than happy to endorse her…

Robyn Logan

Australia, Owner of International Coach Academy

Claire is an incredible teacher and facilitator. She is wise, compassionate and encouraging. I would love to work with her, take classes or refer clients to her in the future.

David Lapedis

USA, Worked directly with Claire at International Coach Academy

This was a wonderful and life changing process. I really think that the more people go through this process the more beautiful this planet will become. Claire is an amazing teacher, she not only teaches Outrageous Love, she is Outrageous love. It was very inspiring to learn from her.

Marion R

About the 2 days Unique Self Workshop

With clarity, depth and warmth, Claire brought the fundamentals of Unique Self in this inspiring, touching and profound training. Wonderful how Claire is teaching and living the Unique Self.Highly recommended.

Heleen K

About the 2 days Unique Self workshop

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