You are an irreducible expression of the Love Intelligence that animates all of existence

Source, Goddess, the Evolutionary Impulse, Eros – known by many names, lives in you, as you, and through you uniquely as your Unique Self.

As a Unique Self, you have a unique perspective and a quality of intimacy with the world that informs precisely the unique gift you were born to give.

Your unique gift is your original medicine; it’s the healing than no-one else can give but you.

The world needs you now, in all your uniqueness, to lovingly and fearlessly become fully yourself.
Whether you are seeking spiritual connection and development, wanting to understand why your life is no longer fulfilling, exploring your life’s purpose or trying to get traction with a particular life difficulty, I am here to serve you.

Unique Self Emergence

This is an epic journey we all find ourselves on, by virtue of our human birth. You are at a point along this journey. Maybe you don’t know what your gifts are. Perhaps you have come to suspect you don’t have any gifts. Find out more how I can support you on your journey.

Core Energetics

Core Energetics provides a bridge between psychotherapy and spirituality. Through physical practices that leverage the body’s energy we break through the somatic and emotional blocks that hold our Life force trapped and we learn to return to our natural state, which is the experience of Eros flowing freely through our bodies.
About Claire

About Claire

 My 25 combined years of work as an acupuncturist, an Integral Coach™,and as a Core Energetics therapist give me a unique understanding of how the body, mind and spirit work together as a whole. My work is grounded in Dr Marc Gafni’s Unique Self Evolutionary Spirituality, at the intersection of psychology, energetic healing and spiritual transformation. Read full bio.


Claire has this unique gift of always bringing us, in a feeling of profound confidence, to consider new perspectives to our problems, new angles to address our questionings. She possesses this very rare combination of clear precision and profound compassion in her approach. During our work together, I was able to access my deepest longings and to give rise to some con-crete new projects which were aligned with these desires. I am very grateful for her counsel, which has allowed me, through daily practices, to develop key reflexes for dealing with my emotions and, more generally, managing my personal and professional lives. Merci du fond du coeur Claire!
Marie-Anne Amadieu

UNHCR, Lebanon

Working with Claire had a catalytic effect on the way I perceive myself and allowed me to clearly identify the self-imposed limits that were blocking my personal and professional growth. Thanks to Claire I was able to spread my wings and fully embrace who I am.
Micaela Martinet

UN executive, New York

Working with Claire is all delight. She has a true gift for opening spaces and riding the creative currents. Her clarity and passion shines through and it’s been a true joy to work with her.
Henriette Versteijnen

Sexuality Therapist, Amsterdam

Working with Claire has helped me to begin the journey of identifying who I really am. She has taught me how to believe in myself and how to trust myself. Words in this testimonial cannot express the change that has happened in my life since working with Claire. She has helped me to see a life I never thought I could have. All my life I have sought teachers who can share their lives and skills with me to help me learn what self love really means and I am so grateful to say that Claire has been one of my main guides and supports on this journey. She ‘s helped me to hold my pain and struggles with compassion and to identify actions that can reinforce self love and self care which has not only enriched my life but also my relationships with others, providing deeper, honest connections. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Roberta Watts

Coach and Trainer, London

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