Women and men from all walks of life, leaders, (r)evolutionaries and visionaries: there is a unique spark in you that the world needs and that can only manifest through you. If you are wondering how to live a life of purpose and meaning you’ve come to the right place: I see your uniqueness, and change is my compass.

clairemolinard I am an architect of change, an explorer of inner and outer transformation. I create integral maps of development for women and men who want to emerge as their Unique Self and fulfill their Unique Calling in life. I Love what I do. If you are ready to dive in, deeply, wholeheartedly, let's talk and explore what might be next for you... 

Unique Self Coaching

Claire molinard

You are already perfect the way you are. Really! There is nothing to be fixed. And yet, we are all dealing with some false beliefs of not being enough, or being too much, and variations in between. It's a paradox: Being is something we need to re-learn. Accessing our innate capacity to rest in the peaceful ground of Being is essential to becoming all that we can be.

Claire molinard becoming

You are Unique. Your capacity to find meaning in life rests in your ability to access and express your uniqueness through deploying your unique gifts in service to the world.Through a process of clarification and deep exploration, a fuller expression of who you are longing to become—and who you really are is revealed. 

Unique Self Coaching

Coaching integral individuel

Waking up is about slowing down and befriending the still voice inside that knows you are part of a greater whole. It's about realizing that you have a responsibility to bring forth your unique gifts to this world. I use the Integral Coaching® process to clarify your purpose as we touch on every aspect of your being: body, mind, heart and spirit.

coaching integral leadership

When it’s time to grow out of old patterns and behaviors that stop us from evolving, the Integral Coaching® method leaves nothing out: It draws from the latest technologies in human personal developmental theory and research, and applies them through the use of practices that allow for profound transformation and will stretch you to your next developmental edge.

Unique Self Coaching